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News & Events: Tuesday 14th June

International Yoga Day used to help highlight NICE guideline fears

International Yoga Day used to help highlight NICE guideline fears... Read further


Course Registration

Our commitment to education, best practice and high quality training is on-going and is at the core of the ICNM/BRCP policy. Through this commitment it is our aim to support:

  • Individual practitioners and therapists in their professional development, recognition and standing
  • Training courses through affiliation and accreditation
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  • Regulatory processes and national standards
  • Clinical and academic research

At the ICNM/BRCP we want to develop a bridge of language and excellence between allopathic healthcare provision and integrated holistic/complementary medicine. We believe that this bridge can only be built by a commitment within the complementary medicine field to the highest standards of training and practitioner progression. At the root of this is our believe that members of the public seeking high-quality care are increasingly concerned to receive holistic approaches within a healthcare plan. This can only be achieved by dedicated liaison within the professions and a commitment to the highest quality of holistic provision.


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​Course Affiliation

The ICNM offers three stages in the route to Course Registration:

  • Association
  • Affiliation
  • Accreditation

To meet the required standards at each stage of this process, a training course must provide evidence of their programme of study, teaching syllabus, learning outcomes, underpinning knowledge or theory and practice, experience and competence of tutors. Each application is considered by the Educational Panel who will liaise closely with the course provider at each stage of the process and will let them know of areas which may need to be adjusted or improved.

The cost of Registration is £200 which includes the £100 annual fee. This is refundable is the course is not approved.