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International Yoga Day used to help highlight NICE guideline fears

International Yoga Day used to help highlight NICE guideline fears... Read further



All BRCP Practitioners are able to make a Complementary Diagnosis and are therefore competent to treat diseases and illnesses, and to work independently. This will usually include a treatment plan tailored to the individual, with regular reviews to ensure that objectives and outcomes are being met, are realistic and achievable.

BRCP Therapists are able to offer safe, holistic treatment with the terms of the contra-indications of their discipline.

The application fee to join your first Division of the BRCP is £140 (this includes the administration charge or £70 and the annual registration charge of £70). Please note: Only the £70 annual registration fee is refunded (if application fails).

Applications for (up to another 3) additional BRCP Divisions of Practices are then charged at £35 (one-off fee). In the event of a full examination or an assessment being required, the BRCP Registration Panel reserves the right to make an additional charge.

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Senior practitioner

Senior Practitioner – for teachers and those with higher levels of qualification and specialisation.

The BRCP offers Practitioners the opportunity of upgrading their status to Senior Practitioner. This is open to all BRCP Practitioners. Those practitioners who are not members of the BRCP can join as Senior Practitioners if they fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Practising to the standard of a BRCP-registered practitioner.
  2. Evidence of five years of continued good practice.
  3. Examples of good Continual Professional Development.

Senior Practitioners may be invited by the ICNM to become Advisors, Moderators for their discipline, offer and/or provide CPD modules through the ICNM or become a spokesperson for their discipline.

There is a one-off fee of £35 in addition to the standard prcatitioner fee.

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Student membership allows students to join the ICNM-approved Insurance Scheme and upon successful completion of their course they can apply for full membership of the BRCP.

Student Membership of the BRCP costs £25 per year and is available only to those students who are training on an ICNM-approved course. The following can be accepted as evidence of training on an ICNM-approved course:

  1. Tutor signature
  2. Course validation/endorsement stamp
  3. Letter of acceptance/enrolment onto the course

Student Members can take advantage of the ICNM Block Insurance Scheme, administered by Balens Specialist Insurers, at a reduced cost. Students need to contact Balens directly (01684 893006) and ask to be covered under the Student ICNM Block Scheme. The insurance will only be valid whilst Student Membership is maintained.

Once students have graduated, they will be eligible to join the BRCP as full members at a reduced fee of £80 (instead of £140). In order to qualify for this rate, students must have joined as BRCP Students at least six months before the date of their final exam and students must choose to upgrade to full Membership within two months of graduating.

Student Members must agree to abide by the BRCP Code of Ethics and Practice.

All student applicants must print off and fill in the Student Application Form and post it to the BRCP (Can Mezzanine, 32 – 35 Loman Street, London, SE1 0EH) as insurance companies will not accept online applications from students.

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