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International Yoga Day used to help highlight NICE guideline fears

International Yoga Day used to help highlight NICE guideline fears... Read further


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International Yoga Day used to help highlight NICE guideline fears

‚ÄčThe All-Party Parliamentary Group for Indian Traditional Sciences (PGITS) met for a second time at Westminster in early May to discuss the issue of NICE Guidelines with regards to complementary therapies. 

Earlier this year, it was announced that the NICE Guidelines for improving Supportive & Palliative Care in adults are being reviewed and there is  recommendation that Complementary Therapy Services be removed from the guidelines. The PGITS confirms that it is still trying to get clarification from NICE regarding the change in these guidelines, but has been unable to receive any further information.

The group is hoping that the activity surrounding International Yoga Day on June 27th, will continue to raise awareness amongst MPs and other parties around complementary therapies. as part of the first International Yoga Day celebrations later this month, it will highlight the cause of CAM and Yoga, with the focus on “Why should Yoga be part of the NHS?”

Meanwhile, Yoga4NHS has put together a core document that will be sent to MPs to support an Early Day Motion (EDS)  being made on the PGITS’s behalf to further discuss Yoga’s inclusion within the NHS. Yoga4NHS is a collaborative organisation of leaders within the UK yoga community and healthcare professions. One of the main requests within the core document is that Yoga4NHS would like to communicate with NHS Trust stakeholders designated to administer staff wellness programmes to gain a clear picture of the core NHS wellness objectives. Yoga4NHS is also requesting start-up funding to develop and complete two pilots.

The overall objective is to increase the availability and raise the awareness of yoga therapy to both health care providers and patients


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